Past events

Past Events

May 23rd   2014    What Use is Experience in Applied Child Psychology?                                                                                                    SoE

This 1 day event is intended to provide a space in which we develop ideas about how we cultivate professional judgement in the initial training and continued professional development of child psychologists. The day is structured around workshop discussion stimulated by the themes developed by the keynote speakers Professors Ben Bradley and Tom Billington. Those interested in attending please contact Lindsay Farnsworth at

October 2012
Title Venue Date Information / Contact
Narrative Inquiry in Research and Professional Practice Room 8.10, Education Building, 388 Glossop Road. Friday 19th October 9:45am – 2:30pm Places are limited, if you wish to attend please contact Felicity a seminar poster
January 2013
Title Venue Date Information / Contact
North of England Education ConferenceVarious seminars and symposia 16th – 18th January For further details please contact Lindsey North of England Education Conference 2013 programme

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