7th/8th July  2014     Normalcy conference: 5th Annual International Conference

Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane, More Questions of the Human
This 2 day conference aims to foster engagement with the human and its historically problematic relationship with idealisations of the normal, the able and the non-disabled. The last 4 normalcy conferences have seriously contested and challenged these idealisations. For @normalcy2014 we seek to up the ante a little more and debate together what kinds of human/ity should be valued in our context of austerity, economic crisis and neoliberal capitalism.


July 11th 2014       Disability, postcolonialism and culturally competent practice                                                                                                                (ICOSS)

Culturally competent practice refers to an ability to respond to a range of diverse experiences and identities of clients and is recognised as the ability of a practitioner to understand cultural influences on their own perceptions. This 1 day event open to practitioner psychologists and associated professionals explores the intersections of race and disability in the shaping and reshaping of the practice of applied psychologists. Keynote speakers will highlight the continuing predominance of disablist and racist structures inherent in psychological practice, framing the need for action. Workshops will explore models of good/innovative practice within applied psychology, covering all aspects of work from assessment-intervention (including IAPT practices), consultation models, training practices, impact assessment, supervisory practice, management and report writing. Those interested in attending please contact Lindsay Farnsworth at

March 22nd: Postponed due to snow

Problem behaviour: Exploring the construction of childhood distress 

March 27th

A FULL DAY Conference hosted by

The Centre for Children, Families and Learning Communities and The Somali Professionals Association

School of Education

University of Sheffield

“Exploring Fatherhood”

March 27th 2013 [9.30am- 4pm]

Venue: Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences (ICOSS), 219 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP

The conference will be focussing on the themes of:

·Cultural understandings of masculinity

·Emotional attachment (Mental health and bonding)

·Intergenerational culture clash between fathers and sons

·Language barrier (and its impact on parental involvement)

·Inter- gender roles and relationships between parents (and the impact this has on the father’s relationship with his son).

Speakers include: Dr Anita Franklin, Dr Tony Williams, Dr William Lez Henry and Frederick Clarke

Free Entry and Lunch Provided*



For further information, contact Muna

Further information
Problem behaviour: Exploring the construction of childhood distress
ICOSS Conference Room, 219 Portobello, S1 4DP.
22nd March 2013, 9.45am – 3.30pm
Post multiculturalism?: Valuing diversity in research and practice
ICOSS Conference Room, 219 Portobello, S1 4DP

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